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August 2007

August 22, 2007

The Earth Charter page, 地球憲章のページ


葉桜(はざくら)の  深き心の友なれば  頭(こうべ)を垂れる  稲穂(いなほ)見つめむ

The Earth Charter page, in English and Japanese, is also created. An initiative of the charter for our environment, caught attention after the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1993, its Beta-1, and 2 draft being open along with the age of the Internet, the final was confirmed at Hague, Netherlands in June, 2000, and then endorsed and has been progressed by lots of institutions and people. We are making an effort in delivering the Charter document in each mother tongue, and active to suit the eco-education.

The Charter documents in English and Japanese, with each link to endorse the Charter.



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August 16, 2007

The Constitution of Japan 日本国憲法のページなど

The Article 9 Association (English), the Article 9 Association (Japanese) is liked from our site as well as WORLD PEACE NOW (Japanese & English). We would act together in the near future although living in remote prefecture.

The Constitution of Japan (Japanese & English page) is added as well as Universal Declaration of Human Rights (English & Japanese).

9条の会(日本語)、9条の会(英語)にも、WORLD PEACE NOW(日、英)にも、リンクさせていただいています。地方に住んでいても、行動共にすることも、今後ありますでしょう。


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