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September 2007

September 06, 2007

Nuclear Free Treaty Organization, Japan would lead 非核条約機構、日本がリードします。

Todaheader It is 50 years after Pr. Toda trusted the youth and declared the prohibition of all A- and H-bombs at Mitsuzawa Stadium in Yokahama in 1957.

Now again I began collecting citizens' and residents' signature of agreement in sending a friendship message and Haiku to North Korean citizens and leaders in a good timing of new detentes of the South Pr. Roh Moo-hyun's visit to the North in October and the denuclearization by the North as follows:

Celebration of the North and the South approaching,
Player for the friendship between Korea and Japan,
Progress Nuclear Free Treaty Organization

Although shipping has problem, I wish to donate wheel chairs and canes for children with disabilities in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea this time.

6 party talks or the bilateral negotiation between the U.S. and the DPRK about the denuclearization is not fair because the nuclear countries of the U.S., China, and Russia with non-nuclear Japan, and the Republic of Korea are forcing the North to abandon the experiment. Further by sanction other international countries pose pressure on it. When Pr. Kim Dae-Jung visited the North in 2000 women and children were earnestly welcomed him in chima chogori waving flags and the South has their Reconciliation Ministry, so they both must wish to unify again because they are same race, share same language, history and culture.

On the contrary, Japanese diplomacy surrounding the North is so poor and self-centered, and our government or media always mention the so called abduction issues. If so, the North may insist to pay the compensation of the colonization even from before the World War II, let Japan apologize and pay for the comfort women issue.

Our http://homepage2.nifty.com/PEACE/ (PEACE Ashram) activities have been just that of citizens and wanted to reach out to the citizens and exchange cultures. Finally the idea of Non-Nuclear Zone Treaty came to me responding a message on the Bulletin Board.

Japan is an only one victim country of 2 A-bombs, and 1 H-bomb at Daigo-Fukuryumaru Incident at the U.S. experiment in the Pacific Ocean. Therefore we are most responsible for nuclear abolition. Even former Soviet Union country of Ukraine leads Nuclear Free Zone and municipalities of Hiroshima and Nagazaki leads ttp://www.mayorsforpeace.org/ , why doesn't Japanese central government play a leading role of the total nuclear disarmament? We citizens speak out and push.

ノ ムヒョン大統領が10月に北を訪問し、北が非核化を進める、新たなデタントの良いタイミングに、今私は再び、北朝鮮市民とリーダーに以下のような友好のメッセージに賛同の署名と俳句を集めています。

非核化を巡る6カ国協議や、米朝の交渉は公平ではありません。というのは、核保有国であるアメリカ、中国、ロシアが非保有国である日本、韓国と共に、北に 実験をやめるよう強要しているからです。さらに、他の国々も、経済制裁で、圧力をかけています。キム デジュン大統領が北を2000年に訪問した時、女性や子供達はチマチョゴリをきて旗を振って心から彼を歓迎しましたし、南は、その統一省を持っています。 ですから、同じ民族で、同じ言葉、同じ歴史、同じ文化を共有しますので、両者とも、統一を望んでいるに違いありません。


私たちの http://homepage2.nifty.com/PEACE/jp/ (平和アシュラム)の活動は、ただ市民のもので、市民に手を差しのばし、文化交流を求めてきました。最後に、

日本は、2つの原爆と、1つの水爆、アメリカの太平洋での実験時の第五福竜丸事件、のただ一つの被害国です。ですから、私たちは、核廃絶に最も責任があります。前ソビエト連邦のウクライナも非核圏を進め、市レベルで広島や長崎が、平和市長会議 http://www.mayorsforpeace.org/ を進めているのに、日本の中央政府は、なぜ核廃絶に中心的な役割を発揮できないのでしょうか?私たち市民が、声を上げて推進していきます。

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