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January 2009

January 21, 2009

Xmarks Bookmark Sync for browser Firefox

コネタマ参加中: Firefoxのアドオンでオススメは?

Xmarkss Bookmark Sync

Firefox を使うようになって、いろんな Add-on を試しに使っていますが、長く続いているのはこれです。Bookmark をたとえ失っても復旧できます。また、いくつもの PC で、あるいはデュアルブート環境でも同期できる事で、満足しています。

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January 12, 2009

蛍保護のボランティア活動 危機に!Volunteers protecting fireflies face crisis!


   蛍の里  岐阜県下呂市門和佐から火打・和佐を流れ、JR焼石(やけいし)駅付近で飛騨川に合流する門和佐川。





   Fireflies' Village - Kadowasa-gawa River originates from Kadowasa, run through Hiuchi, Wasa, and join into Hida-gawa River near JR Yakeishi station, Gero-City Gifu Prefecture, Japan.
  Here are fireflies flying and dancing from clean water at the beginning of summer. Road construction caused making the river more straight and small shellfish, named Kawa-nina (Jp.)=melanian snail, be easily washed away by flood. Since fireflies are parasites of the shellfish, growing and throwing the shellfish into the river had been enough to protect fireflies before.
   This person leads the volunteer group in growing the shellfish carried all the way from Fukui Prefecture in the former rice paddy used to grow carps, and throwing them into the upper and lower stream.
   However, recent prefecture road widening construction resulted in burying these ponds. After that, someone is making a smaller pond to grow them. Since this volunteer activity is the best environment education, children like students of Nakahara Elementary School had better join.



Nightingale うぐいす

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