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April 2009

April 08, 2009

創知塾、岐阜市三田洞・粟野・岩崎、そして福富 Sochi-Juku, cram school, Mitahora, Awano, Iwasaki, and Fukutomi in Gifu-City



Horino and Sochi-juku:
I was supported by many people centering Sochi-juku, cram school, run by excellent junior friend Masahito Horino for 3 years since 2006. Here are Mitahora, Awano, or Iwasaki community areas, Gifu City, through one tunnel west of Fukutomi where is the hometown of Mrs. Kaneko's mother Shizuko Shiraki granma. Creating handwritten texts himself for the local elementary and junior highschool students, Masahito runs his castle (cram school.) A stable figure encourages us and we compete each other.




Although with just a representative picture of vivid Mr. Hirozo Hase, I was supported by many people, whom I wish to present my appreciation in recording this blog.

Hayashi Miyoko


Ms. Miyoko Hayashi, used to be a pioneer district women leader, now hosts our planning meeting at her home in Awano-higashi.

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